About Me

Did you know that “raveled” and “unraveled” are opposites and mean the same thing? True story.

I don’t think there’s another word in the English language that you can add “un” to and not change its meaning. Blows. My. Mind. This also means that raveled is its own opposite.

As a writer and unabashed word nerd, these linguistic idiosyncrasies thrill me the way a “normal” person might get excited when she finds out her favorite show just got the green light for another season. (Of course I live for those moments, too.)

As a human being living through an unprecedented-in-our-lifetime health pandemic, and as a generally anxious person who overthinks everything, “raveled” speaks to me. I find myself in a constant ebb and flow of coming apart and putting myself together. Each day brings new challenges, surprises, words, and observations. I mutter many of these under my breath and have had countless one-sided convos in the shower, but I plan to share many of them* here, and I hope you will get something out of it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy and drink often!

*Referring to the challenges, surprises, words, and observations. The shower convos remain between me and the growing collection of dull, rusting, disposable razors that I no longer use but can’t seem to throw away.

~ Lindsey


  1. YEA!!! You’re back!!! Love your posts…you do make me laugh, you are making a difference, and you are a A+ mom, wife, daughter, niece, sister, blogger, friend, etc, etc!!! One of these days, I’m heading northeast to try out your cooking, too.

    Can’t wait to read and learn more….happy posting 🙂


  2. Hi Lindsey,
    I just found your blog when I got an email to connect on LinkeIn. This is a beauty. I’m bookmarking it. Still at the preschool? J.

    • Hi! Thanks and sorry for the delayed reply. Was out of town and neglecting the blog:) Yup, still at preschool! How are you?

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