Golden Globes 2019 Fashion Faves

I’m going to start this post with my own acceptance speech of sorts. I’d like to thank my husband and his friend for allowing me and said friend’s wife to take over the TV for most of the red carpet and all of the Golden Globes Awards even though there was an NFL playoff game going on. I’d also like to thank the people in charge of the Golden Globes stage lighting for making every woman’s breasts look insanely huge (seriously look at them onstage compared to when they are seated, the difference is ridiculous). Without this cleavage coverage, my male company would not have remained captivated enough for me to retain control of the television for as long as I did without a fight. Also, thank you fashion world for the Year of the Plunging Neckline. You kept Dave on the edge of his seat with what he thought was sideboob, until I pointed out that sideboob spills out from the side, and that what he was salivating over was flat-out front-boob. He said, “Hey, it’s still boob.” Good point, Dave. Now, onto my fashion favorites, in no particular order:

  1. Patricia Clarkson


There was a lot of red on the red carpet, but I thought the well-deserved winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Made for TV Movie was an immediate stand-out. And one of many women celebrating the Year of the Plunging Neckline.

2. Emily Blunt


John Krasinski might be the sweetest accessory I saw last night (did you see how he cheered Emily on?). And Emily exuded elegance and class in this Alexander McQueen gown. I’m stunned that Duana deemed her the worst dressed. Fashion is subjective, but dang, Duana.

3. Olivia Colman


I admit I had never heard of Olivia Colman until last night, but she’s on my radar now (and The Favourite is on my “to watch” list). My fellow viewers were not as impressed with the mesh details of her Stella McCartney dress, but I felt sartorial vindication this morning when I saw she made Harper’s Bazaar’s 10 Best Dressed list.

4. Thandie Newton


I’ve had a crush on Thandie Newton since her ER days, even though until last night I was pronouncing her first name with a full-on “Th” (as in “Thorazine”). She could honestly wow me in a potato sack, but she also manages to amaze in a cut that gives me prom flashbacks — because no one I know went to prom in Michael Kors.

5. Janelle Monae


This ensemble was my favorite pure fashion moment of the Golden Globes. I sensed it as a work of art, worrying that others wouldn’t get it and that it might end up on the “worst dressed” lists for how different it was, but I was stoked to see that media outlets like PinkNews and Popsugar were picking up what Janelle — and Chanel — were putting down. For a more detailed look behind the look, which comes from Chanel’s Egpyt-themed Metiers d’Art collection, check out this story from Garage.

I also loved: Lauren Harrier in Louis Vuitton, Rachel Brosnahan in Prada, Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton, Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad.

Who Wore It Best?

Rachel, Kelly or Brenda?


Okay, I know Rachel Weisz made a lot of “Best Dressed” lists. But while you heard cheers for her on the red carpet, all I could hear in my head was “Donna Martin graduates!”, which isn’t the worst comparison ever. I mean, it’s not like her look reminded me of Andrea.

Which looks did you love? Which ones gave you ’90s flashbacks? And speaking of style flashbacks, am I the only one terrified of the second coming of wicker furniture?


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