Good Enough: My Mom Mantra

photo-16The other day, I read a post over at Daddy Drinks about playing the game of parenthood. He talks about parents and how we unavoidably judge each other, and it got me thinking about things I do that may be frowned upon. I stopped breast-feeding after five months (and never pumped and dumped). I don’t make my son wear socks if he says he’s not cold. I bribe with candy and sometimes even toy-driven sticker charts for more elaborate ruses. I’d like to say that even though I judge other parents for their actions that I’m hardest on myself, but that’s not true. I’m too competitive a person to take “the game of parenting” seriously. Doing so would result in a vicious soccer mom snowball effect that ends with me rocking in the fetal position on my crumb-ridden kitchen floor. The key to being a good (sane) mom is that I know when to cut myself some slack. If I get out of the house in the morning with Jed and I wearing socks that are both matching and clean, it’s a pretty good day. Of course, some days are better than others. Ever since becoming a mom, my mantra has become “good enough”. I didn’t get through my to-do list today, but it’s good enough. I didn’t put away all the laundry, but it’s good enough. This bottle of wine isn’t going to erase my hellish day, but it’s good enough.

What’s your mom mantra?






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