For the Love of T-Shirts

After six years, I’ve reconnected with two long lost friends.

Before we flew out of Atlanta for our trip, we had to drop Jed off in Charlotte at his grandparents’ house. A two-hour detour, but well worth it to know he was in trusted, loving hands who may or may not buy him a pony before we returned.

Dave was upstairs rummaging through some things we’d stored there years ago and came back downstairs with these:

I thought the sock monster in the dryer had moved on to larger prey and two of my favorite tees had become its dinner. I knew I hadn’t thrown them away… who would toss an inside-out Cookie Monster t-shirt with “SJP Rules” ironed on the front? Honestly, I don’t understand the artistic statement of Cookie, but I couldn’t resist the SJP when I saw it (after all she does rule). And the McD’s tee, well, that’s a vintage original circa early 80s I found at a store in Colorado. Do you remember birthday parties at McDonald’s? With the paper hats and everything?

As a true jeans/skirt and t-shirt gal, I’m just so excited to have them back in my life (and wardrobe) that I had to share.

Do you have an absolute favorite t-shirt? What does it say? What does it look like?

One comment

  1. I partied at McDonald’s when I was 7. I think you should sell the other shirt on Ebay. Or perhaps a giveaway? To the the first person to comment on this post? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… Best. Movie. Ever.

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