My husband, the writer.

I usually reserve my bragging rights for Jed, and even try to keep those anecdotes to a minimum. (I’m aware that he is not the only smartest, cutest kid in the whole entire world.) But today, it’s the other guy in my life I’m proud of.

When Dave first came to me and told me he wanted to start his own online magazine, I felt a tad territorial. I wasn’t going to pee on our laptop or anything, but the publishing industry, and writing in particular, was my wheelhouse, my career path. He had been blogging for a bit, but I didn’t think he was serious enough about it to take it to the next level. Here we are, a couple of years later, and not only is his own magazine doing well, but he’s also pitching and getting asked to write for others! He can do something that not a lot of people can do well, which is write in his own voice. You read something of Dave’s and you can hear him talking to you as if he’s sitting right next to you, or 100 feet across a crowded room (his voice really carries).

This month, he has a story in Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine called “Fly Fishing 101”, and I had to brag on him a bit. Even if you’re not into fly fishing, it’s worth a gander… he’s pretty damn funny. It’s a quick read if you have a few minutes this weekend. Happy Friday!

He even has a cover tag:)

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