Journaling: A Chronic Headache Chronicle

I’ve been blogging on and off since my early 20s, but haven’t journaled (with actual pen and paper) in years. Well, my migraines are slowly taking over my life and I’m finally taking my doctor’s advice and keeping a headache journal. This doesn’t mean merely marking days on the calendar when I get headaches. This also entails writing down what I eat and drink, exercise, the weather, sleep habits, stressors… basically anything that could have triggered the headache. So, short of talking about the boy I “like like” and which color hair scrunchie I’m wearing, it’s a lot like my junior high journal.

Nature Journal, $10, I bought mine locally at Nest Organics in Asheville, NC.

I decided to make it as fun as possible and bought a pretty journal to jot down all of these mundane details. I thoroughly believe that any unpleasant task can be made more palatable with the proper (read: pretty and thoughtfully designed) gear. For every notebook sold, ecojot donates a workbook or pencil to a child in need.

Help a child in need, help figure out my migraines. Win, win!

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