Springing Forward: Natural Nail Polish for Spring 2012

If the weather’s warm enough to keep my feet from turning blue this late in the groundhog game, chances are I’m busting out my flippity flops. And nothing goes better with the first day of Flip Flop Season than a new shade of nail polish!

I refuse to jinx this burst of milder weather with a pedicure, so I used this hue given to me by the amazing Aleigh Acerni over at Indigo + Canary to give my toes a little TLC.

Vapour Vernissage 3-Free Nail Lacquer in Captive, $12

I’m not usually a red gal when it comes to my nails, but this new Spring 2012 shade of Vernissage Nail Lacquer from Vapour Organic Beauty called Captive is a stirring rendition of rouge — both dark and deep — perfect for early spring. (Although I imagine it will stay on well into the season until the chips fall where they may.)

Vapour has a very healthy, “free” belief system that I can get behind: DHB-free, toluene-free, formaldehyde-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, nano particle-free and cruelty-free… all leaving your conscience free. Their greenness runs the gamut from recycling and certified organic ingredients to wind power and sustainable packaging.

This photo was intentionally taken at mid-range. There’s a reason (other than sheer relaxation) that I pay someone else to do this. But unless you’re one of my dogs or that poor soul assigned to do my pedicure, you should not be in close range of my toes:

Vapour claims this line of polish is:

  • Super glossy. Check!
  • Smooth to the touch. Check!
  • Long wearing and chip resistant? Stay tuned…

What’s your current go-to hue?

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