Finding my blustery bliss.

In November, my friend Kelly wrote a post about Waiting for Winter. Even with a milder winter than last, we live on a mountain in Western North Carolina with a private road (read: no government-sanctioned maintenance) and have had this view off my back deck twice in the past week:

Living in Austin, Kelly doesn’t have as much reason as I do to bundle up. So she put together a collage of wintry things that make her excited for the cold weather. Already dreaming of spring, but with at least two more months of fires and ice to go, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to remember a few of my favorite things that come with the cold (no surprise, we’re talking style and seasonal beverages, here):

Winter Love


Orla kiely
$63 –

Steven Alan knitted shawl
$188 –

Homegrown Monogram Mug
$8 –

I also found a fun, free photo app for iPhone called FrostyCamera. If you live in a locale where powder isn’t a possibility, or if you just want another fun camera app to play with, you can turn any image into a winter wonderland:

Self portrait a la Frosty Camera.

What are your favorite things about winter?



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