Naked Truth: I’m a style junkie.

Okay. So, the other week I wrote a post on my latest acquisition, a budget-friendly bag for my laptop. It’s chic, it fits my Macbook plus dipes, wipes and wallet, and it was only $25 .Game, set, match… or at least it should be.

Allow me to introduce you to my good friend, Rationale. She’s at times my greatest ally and at others my worst enemy. She talks me into buying things I don’t need at exorbitant prices and at other times, like last week, convinces me that all bags are created equal and that desperate times call for thrifty measures. While some of her arguments hold water, I am who I am. And I LOVE bags. I also love shoes, dresses, rings, skirts… anything created through someone’s inspiration that in turn inspires me when I wear it. If it’s local and/or has an amazing back story, all the better! This does not mean that I’m a label snob. One of my favorite bags is one I call my “bluegrass” bag that I got for $1 at a music festival in college. It just means that I have a rule that I don’t buy something unless I absolutely love it. I tend to love well-made, incredibly expensive apparel and accessories, but I tend to live by the French women’s fashion philosophy, as stated by Jessica Wakeman in the Huffington Post, “French women supposedly own fewer, more expensive articles of clothing, wear less makeup, and sometimes do not brush or style their (shall we assume sex-tousled?) hair, let alone blow dry it.” I don’t change out my closets with seasons. I only have one closet and even that one is only half full. (Notice I didn’t say half empty… I’m an optimist!) Of course, knowing that I will turn into a human snot rag by day’s end keeps me from wearing the nice stuff all the time.

Last week, when I bought the navy Target bag, I broke my rule. It was cute, it kind of resembled a bag I loved, and the price was right. But, if I had been totally honest with myself, it was the “eh” bag, not the “it” bag. Ever since becoming a parent, the line has become blurred between desire and need, passion and practicality. Every dollar I spend on myself is a dollar that doesn’t go toward my child’s education or his new clothes. But every time I take the sensible, frugal route — even though Rationale talked me into it in the first place — she talks me right out of it.

  …From Boho to Babble… 

So here I am. Back to coveting a more expensive laptop/everyday/mom bag. One that was indeed designed to hold a laptop. I was looking into converting one of my giant totes into a laptop/diaper duo (oh, how I’ve missed my handbags!) but they either don’t have a shoulder strap or it’s not long enough. I’m even considering a sportier backpack:

The Osprey FlapJill Pack ($79) has interchangeable webbing in different colors!

Sure, it’s $80, as opposed to my $25 Target bag, but I’m confident Rationale will have a convincing pep talk ready for me.

Do you struggle with your sense of style vs. your common sense? Want vs. need?

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