Filling an empty vase.

For the past two years, our surfaces have been stark and void of anything breakable, bendable, rippable or stabbable. I like to think of it as the minimalist approach. We’re finally at the point with our son (I think) where we can start putting things out on surfaces again: magazines, picture frames, candles. Having previously worked for Pottery Barn in their decorative accessories department (and unable to resist the employee discount) I’ve accrued a lot of stuff.

Case in point, my bowl vase. It has housed potpourri, faux fruit, floating candles, river stones and wine corks. All great decor choices, but I’m looking for something more creative and (pardon the overused expression) out of the box. I saw someone once fill a bowl with old-fashioned keys. It was a neat idea, but I don’t know where I’d find that many keys save a happenstance via Craigslist or an estate sale. Plus, I think that would look better in a smaller vessel. The table this bowl sits on is in the hallway outside our guest room. I’d really like to fill it with something bizarre like Barbie doll heads. Make my guests uncomfortable and see if they say anything or if they’re too weirded out to ask about it…My own little side table psychological experiment. But that’s just my twisted sense of humor.

I’m looking for ideas! How would you fill a bowl vase?


    • That’s a cute idea! And very budget-friendly. Maybe I could put a few of mine in there to get the ball rolling…

  1. How about “super balls,” those colorful, quarter sized rubber balls that bounce really high? They have sort of a bubblegum feel, with the swirly colors, and plus they can be fun to hand to someone as they leave (or give to children), like a parting gift.

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