I’m not going to post about what I eat everyday as you would tire of my college cuisine: quesadillas, pasta, cottage cheese, veggie burgers…

But every now and then with the proper motivation, I stir things up in the kitchen. Like when I’m cooking with my husband, Dave, who could’ve been a chef in another life. He’s made me meals that I would pay $25 for in a restaurant. I’m so seriously spoiled… and in the kitchen, I’m put to shame.

Last night, we made dinner together. He was in charge of the salmon and I made the chard.

Dave marinated the salmon in his own sesame marinade and cooked it on a Le Creuset grill pan, then topped it with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. You can guess which one turned out better.
I think my fatal flaw was adding red wine vinegar, which tastes good when sauteed with kale, but, take note: kale and chard–not the same thing. I know, right? I wasn’t using a recipe, which was my first mistake. And when not using a recipe, I need to stick to the basic salt, pepper, evoo and garlic. But as Dave said, “It didn’t totally make me want to vomit.” Thanks, Babe. And, we’re growing chard in our new winter garden, so I will have plenty of chances for redemption.

The beautiful thing about cooking a meal together though is that it gets done so fast! We put this together in less than 10 minutes. But when you cook together, who does the dishes? And thus, our game of “sink chicken” begins…

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